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Interior Upgrades

With over 20 years experience in custom automotive, Las Vegas Overlanding Co. is your ace in the hole to do the job right the first time! Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your navigation system, electrical solutions for power or coolers, or to get a great sounding audio system, Las Vegas Overlanding Co. has the expertise to give you peace of mind in your investment.

navigation systems - audio upgrades - lighting - drawer systems - coolers - seat heaters & Accessories  

navigation systems

Experience the latest automotive luxury with the Stinger product line! Whether you are looking at the fantastic HEIGH10 10" Radio Kit or the 8 or 6.8" models, Stinger has the product to help you stay on the trail with the luxury of navigation, and smartphone connectivity as well as multiple camera inputs to ensure safety and audio enhancements to make your ride that much more enjoyable. Contact Las Vegas Overlanding Co. today for pricing and installation.

audio upgrades

Does your rig need an enhanced audio system to help you fully appreciate your tunes while enjoying an adventure? Off-road enthusiasts know Stinger Off-Road as the leading brand for high performance parts, quality and durability. We proudly stock and sell Stinger audio accessories including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and sound mats. Contact us today to learn how your vehicle can sound its best.


Whether you are looking for portable lighting or more permanent solutions to light up your camp or tent, Las Vegas Overlanding Co. is ready to help. Hey...we live in a city of lights, let us help you light up your next adventure.

Custom Storage Solutions

Just like each vehicle is unique, everyone has their own needs for storage in their overlanding vehicle. Maybe it is a special pan you make your famous camp meals on or a space for your fur baby that needs to be accommodated, along with areas for a cooler and your other gear. Let Las Vegas Overlanding Co. take your rig's measurements and build the storage solution you need for YOUR overlanding gear. Contact us today for an appointment to measure and get your rig ready for your next adventure.

coolers, Seat Heaters & Accessories

What else do you need for your best overlanding adventure? We would love to help you find that "just right" item, including solar panels, coolers, seat heaters and anything else your heart desires. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will gladly help make you a happy camper.

Brands We Trust

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